Interface Plugin


  • Plugin


  • Call a specific function from the WebAssembly module with provided input.

    Type Parameters

    • T


    • funcName: string

      The name of the function to call

    • Optional input: string | number | Uint8Array

      The input to pass to the function

    • Optional hostContext: T

      Per-call context to make available to host functions

    Returns Promise<null | PluginOutput>

    The result from the function call

  • Check if a function exists in the WebAssembly module.


    • funcName: string

      The function's name.

    Returns Promise<boolean>

    true if the function exists, otherwise false

  • Returns Promise<ModuleExportDescriptor[]>

  • Returns Promise<ModuleImportDescriptor[]>

  • Whether the plugin is currently processing a call.

    Returns boolean

  • Reset Plugin memory. If called while the plugin is actively executing, memory will not be reset.

    Returns Promise<boolean>

    Whether or not the reset was successful.

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