Type alias ManifestLike

ManifestLike: Manifest | Response | WebAssembly.Module | ArrayBuffer | string | URL

Any type that can be converted into an Extism Manifest.

  • object instances that implement Manifest are validated.
  • ArrayBuffer instances are converted into Manifests with a single ManifestWasmData member.
  • URL instances are fetched and their responses interpreted according to their content-type response header. application/wasm and application/octet-stream items are treated as ManifestWasmData items; application/json and text/json are treated as JSON-encoded Manifests.
  • string instances that start with http://, https://, or file:// are treated as URLs.
  • string instances that start with { treated as JSON-encoded Manifests.
  • All other string instances are treated as ManifestWasmPath.
let manifest = {
wasm: [{name: 'my-wasm', url: 'http://example.com/path/to/wasm'}],
config: {
'greeting': 'hello' // these variables will be available via `extism_get_var` in plugins

let manifest = '{"wasm": {"url": "https://example.com"}}'
let manifest = 'path/to/file.wasm'
let manifest = new ArrayBuffer()


TypeError when URL parameters don't resolve to a known content-type


TypeError when the resulting Manifest does not contain a wasm member with valid ManifestWasm items.


Extism > Concepts > Manifest

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